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FAA Report: Space activity increases steadily and Rapidly


As we all know, space-related technologies are growing very rapidly and has become the trend of the current marketplace. So, the space-related researches and inventions are rapidly growing day by day. Now, the report produced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reveals that the space activity in the United States and worldwide is increasing steadily. The Annual Compendium of Commercial Space Transportation: 2018 shows the growth of space activity in the above-said regions.

According to the report, FAA states that the total space activities including the satellites, equipment, researchers etc. constitutes a budget of over $345 billion in total. This is a really great amount and the global space research agencies are contributing to this numbers each day. At yesterday’s annual Commercial Space Conference in Washington, D.C, Mr. Acting FAA Administrator Daniel K. Elwell discussed the details about the growth in global space activity, mostly in the United States.

Some of the important points from the report:

  • Recognition that the U.S. space industry has begun to make inroads into the existing share of commercial launches now conducted by the Russians.
  • China has made notable increases in government space activity.
  • Suborbital vehicles slated for passenger activity popularly known as “space tourism” had significant activities in 2016, including several test flights of space vehicles.


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