Chinese company FUTURUS to make automobile windshields with AR Head Up Display in-built


The windshields for the automobiles, from cars to the aircraft have been in the same state for over a century. Whenever you want to take a look at the current stats of the vehicle, you need to move the eyeballs on to the vehicle console panel. The conventional meter consoles come with the analog dials and difficult-to-read indicators. The manufacturers often revamp their automobile lineup with new models and new features, making entire changes from head to toe. Still, none thought so much regarding the windshield and console meters. So, it is time to divert your thoughts, change the technologies. Well, some already have achieved something interesting.

What if you could combine the console and windshield together? Well, it is what the technology company in China, FUTURUS has been working on since last year. The company tries to implement the vast possibility of AR (Augmented reality) to the automobile industry too. You could find more regarding this below.

What does the FUTURUS have?

It is not a big question to ask, but a lot to explain. Before entering it, let me clear the company name to you again. Do not get confused with the, a Virtual Reality focused consulting firm based in Atlanta. What we do have is the new Chinese firm that loves to showcase some interesting products.

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The newly developed windshield by the company can act as a transparent display, which looks similar to the holographic display screens. The company calls it Light Field AR HUD. It can display everything that fills the area. Effectively, the cars in the future equipping the product will not have the separate meter consoles, indicator area, distinct media players, etc. The Light Field HUD (Head Up Display) can show you the speedometer, fuel meter, odometer, and even media player. The advanced feature also expands to the navigation details, notifications, clock/calendar, weather, speed limit, distance calculation to the obstacles, speed details of the vehicle going in the front, etc. It will make the vehicle look like it is from a sci-fi movie.

The FUTURUS had achieved many awards including the best innovation awards in CES 2017 and CES 2018. Chinese EV firm Singulato is expected to release a car with the windshield from the FUTURUS soon. Several other reports from China say that the BMW has joined the hands with the firm to make the futuristic cars by the company.

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Many companies including Elon Musk’s Tesla¬†have started pulling out the conventional meters and conjoint them together into a single display. But, the FUTURUS Light FIeld AR HUD stands out among all of them. The same can be used with cars, trucks and even on airplanes.

What’s the tech behind?

The technology behind the new windshield is the most interesting part. The company uses the advanced version of the trending AR, aka Augmented Reality with Light Field Projection technology. In brief, the Augmented Reality is recreating objects digitally, with the background of the real world using specific lenses and equipment. Microsoft Hololens is the best jaw-dropping, working example for the AR technology. The Light Field technology also takes part in the process to create some three-dimensional originality.

What is Light-Field Projection?

The Light Field technology allows it to reproduce the 2D light rays to a surface to make it look like 3D. Each ray produced is projected in such ways that you might see it as a real object or in a 3D surface. The Light Field capturing devices, unlike conventional cameras, captures the environment as a 3D object, so it can go under post-production edits in any manner. The captured videos can be edited and objects could be moved in any direction, like controlling the real-world footage as CGI. The same capturing tech applies in the projection thing too. It converts the 2D windshield to a light field screen so that you will get a 3D vision of your consoles while driving. You could feel the depth of field on the objects displayed on the transparent screen.


As it one among the first automobile windshields to sport the aforementioned technology, there is nothing we can compare this to. So, here are the most top features and characteristics of Futurus AR HUD glass.

  • Multi-purpose infotainment display.
  • Standard consoles as HUD.
  • Up to 60-degrees Field of view.
  • Resolution up to 80 pixels per degree.
  • Brightness up to 15,000 nits.
  • Imaging distance from 1.5 meters to the infinity.

Other products by FUTURUS

The Chinese company is not only up to making the windshields. Currently, they have several products with the same technology on the market. They sell a revoutionary after-market Head-Up Display named PILOT HUD. Additionally, they are currently under the development of holographic displays to use in education and medical sector.

Pilot HUD
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