Uber plans to resume the autopilot test following the deadly crash


American ridesharing, taxi-cab service Uber has been under testing for a new autopilot technology, which the company claimed to stand above the Tesla‘s autopilot mode. One among the test cars last month met with an accident, which ended up killing a pedestrian woman. The company later announced they were halting the test drives temporarily, at least until they find out the bug that caused the fatal crash. Today, a report coming from the States suggest that the company has plans to move on with the mission. It is very likely that the company would move forth with the autopilot test.

Following the deadly accident, company executives revealed that the company was actually lacking a better internal development. The technology Uber developed could not even withstand against its competitors. However, they tried to make it done and launched the cars on the streets of Arizona, California, Pitsburg, and Toronto. After all, Arizona Governor asked the company to pull off their cars from the streets to ensure the public safety. Even an executive Lior Ron, who is a founding member of Otto, an autonomous vehicle company currently owned by Uber, left the company.

Uber Autopilot Crashes Pedestrian
Image Source: Business Insider  |  Crashed Uber Autonomous Car at Arizona. 

However, Uber is currently working hard to prove that their system is safe. The company has recently added almost 16 safety measures, apart from the existing ones. They also announced that the engineers were successful in finding the flaw that caused the accident. We hope that the company would push the cars on rolling by August. It would take at least six more months for the company to develop a flawless, completely functioning system.

About Uber

Uber Technologies Inc., based in California, is an online taxi sharing service. One of the major highlights is that the company does not own any vehicle at all. They conjoin the drivers together and acts as a platform to reach to customers across 633 cities they operate. Recently, they launched a new food delivery service named Uber Eats.

Talking of the economical condition of the Uber, the $70 Billion worth company has not yet entered the stock market. Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber said that the company is currently working on to make an IPO by 2019.

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